Lean operators have a huge advantage in today’s competitive landscape. In an effort to minimize costs and maximize administrative efficiency, MAXX developed its own proprietary software, Pathways. Pathways is an online SQL database, accessible via a web-based portal on mobile, tablet and desktops.

Pathways allows our field operators to connect with managers at head office in real time. Work tickets are created in the field and approved at head office daily, before being sent to the client for approval. The result is a minimization of errors and omissions.

MAXX utilizes Pathways for job estimating, daily field ticketing, and cost accumulation for our clients. Pathways enables both MAXX and our clients a streamlined and reliable way of accessing costs in real time, minimizing errors and streamlining the invoice process.

Lean. Nimble. Ahead of the curve. Just another day at MAXX.

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