In-line Inspection

After discussions with our pipeline maintenance clientele, we were advised there is a shortage of ILI tool providers in the market today. The result of this shortage: long wait times, shortage of tools, and escalating pricing.

MAXX is pleased to announce a new service offering: In-Line Inspection Services. Through PIPECARE, MAXX can now provide in-line inspection services, including preliminary engineering and assessment, tool selection and configuration, project management, ILI tool runs, data analysis and integration.

The range of our inspection systems includes

  • 3” to 24” high and extra high-resolution MFL tools
  • 3” to 24” ultrasonic inspection tools
  • 4” to 24” caliper tools for geometry inspection
  • 6” to 24” IMU mapping tools
  • Combo tools: MFL+caliper, MFL+caliper+IMU, MFL+UT, MFL+TFI, etc.
  • ILI tool sizes up to 56inch are available upon request

Value Proposition
MAXX – Pipecare

And More


We inspect our work and that of others very carefully. We strive to provide the highest quality of inspection seen in the industry; both locally and abroad.

And More

We cover the full spectrum of services, including placement of AGMs, detailed pipe survey, tool tracking and enhanced geo-referencing of inspection results


Increased accuracy is achieved through the enhanced calibration methods, mitigating common odometer errors caused by inconsistent flow pressure


Mapping products include in-line inspection results, accurate verification of dig locations, access maps and repair reports


Inspection results communicated clearly, aiding in the repair and maintenance process of your pipeline asset


MAXX PIPECARE strives to provide a tailored deliverable, meeting and exceeding the client’s needs and expectations


Maxx Pipecare Applications & Services Listing

  • Pipeline pre-inspection cleaning
  • Pipeline gauging
  • Geometry inspection
  • MFL and TFI inspection
  • Ultrasonic inspection
  • Pipeline mapping
  • Combination tools – in virtually any combination
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