MAXX North America - Canada

Company Overview

The power of people.

MAXX North America Services Ltd. began active operations in 2009.

MAXX is a privately owned and operated company managed by a partnership group with over 100 years of oil, gas, and pipeline experience. Paramount to all stakeholders of Maxx is the safe execution of our work on a daily basis. Our comprehensive safety program has allowed us to earn and maintain our COR Audit status.
MAXX presently holds subscriptions with ISNetworld, ComplyWorks, PEC and Avetta to aid
clientele with their contractor supply chain management processes. Quality management and
work, with zero harm outcomes, is our corporate objective every day.

Our Company Trajectory

Operations & Sales Locations

Maxx Canada has operational bases in Edmonton, AB with sales offices in Calgary, AB.

Maxx Canada has completed projects in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia,
Manitoba and Ontario. If you have contractor requirements in the USA please visit our Maxx USA website and visit our recently opened operational office in Williston, North Dakota.

Our Company Commitment

Service and Innovation.

MAXX Canada specializes in assisting oil & gas and pipeline operators with their facility and pipeline maintenance programs by providing a wide-range of pipeline construction and maintenance solutions.

Our goal is to become a “one-stop-shop” for pipeline maintenance for our clients. MAXX has strategically grown its services to now include in-line separators, pig cleaning, pig tracking, investigative integrity digs and blasting and coating services. MAXX also operates a water management department providing water transfer solutions to the Oil & Gas completions industry as well as well pointing and dewatering for industrial clients. In addition, MAXX carries speciality lines including DiamondWrap® HP™ Pipeline Repair and Primus Line trenchless rehabilitation and overland flexible pipe.

Our Company Commitment

Safety and Quality

Maxx Canada employs a comprehensive HSE management program that meets or exceeds all client requirements. Our impeccable safety record is a testament to our commitment to safety. Maxx also is committed to quality through our quality management program and associated procedures, processes and forms. We provide QA/QC for all projects related to welding, coating and construction.

MAXX Innovation

MAXX Software Solutions

Our commitment to innovation, cost-effectiveness and productivity for our clients inspired us to develop two packages of unique and proprietary software, Pathways, and our newly created Pig Tracker Portal. Where Pathways keeps our field ops and head office connected in real time, our Pig Tracker Portal is helping clients stay connected during their ILI tool runs.

Work With MAXX

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At MAXX, our belief is that A-players want to work with A-players. For this reason, MAXX looks for and works with the best-of-the-best in every area our business operates in. From our leadership group, to our management team, through to our field operations staff and our yard and fleet support teams, MAXX’s staff is the reason for our continued growth and success.
The power of people.