Primus Lines: Responsive Pressure Pipes

Your Prime Solution for Pipes

Trenchless Rehabilitation for Pressure Pipes

Designed, developed and manufactured in Germany, this two-part system is based on a flexible, high-pressure composite pipe and a specialized, flange-style connecting technology. Its unique design featuring polyethylene and Kevlar materials provides unmatched strength and durability.

Compared to traditional modes of water transfer like HDPE pipe, steel pipe, or trucking flowback waters off-site during the plant upgrading and hydraulic fracturing processes, Primus Line® is both portable and temporary in its application.

And, Primus Line® is an environmentally sound and economically viable alternative for transferring produced water assets. Whether pumping flowback water between frac sites or pumping produced water from a plant, the Primus Line® exceeds all other above-ground, layflat hoses on the market today – your best bet for effective, cost-competitive handling of produced water.

Primus Line® Applications & Services:

  • Overland Transfer of Produced and Flowback Waters
  • Trenchless Rehabilitation of Pipelines
  • Rehabilitation of Pipelines Buried Beneath Waterways
  • Rehabilitation of Fluid Transfer Pipelines Requiring the Negotiation of Bends
  • Rehabilitation of Long Pipelines (up to 6km Supplied on a Single Drum)
  • Pipeline Rehabilitation with Minimal Allowances for Construction Footprint