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Fast Flow Pumps

Fast Flow is leading the way in the pumping industry with new revolutionary technology – Fast Flow pumps have the right features to make your pumping jobs easier, including a simple and easy to service design that requires minimal maintenance.  Fast Flow manufactures American made hydraulic driven submersible pumps and hydraulic systems used for many applications including slurry/solids, tank cleaning, waste streams, clarifier solids, coal fly ash pits, oilfield drill cuttings, pump rental fleets, and many severe service applications.

Centrifugal Submersible Pump

No Mechanical Seals

Fast Flow is a New Kind of Centrifugal Submersible Pump – It has No Mechanical Seals = No internal bearings, No wear plates, impeller has No contact with the housing, and it has No internal friction.  Our patented double suction pump is the only known centrifugal pump – that does not have mechanical seals.   It is what the pump doesn’t have internally that makes it so reliable.  The pump has only 3 main parts and that includes pump top case, bottom volute, and the impeller.   

Fast Flow Pumps have No Internal Friction – and that allows passage of heavy abrasive slurry/solids with minimal erosional damage.  Compared to other small submersible pumps, Fast Flow can produce big flow rates.  Pumping abrasive solids will eventually wear out any pump, but Fast Flow pumps have proven reliable in these difficult service applications.   It really is a new kind of submersible pump with its patented double suction design, it is New Technology.

1200 GPM 230' Vertical

Patented Twin Motor Design

Low Level - Tank Cleaning Pump

Optional Twin Agitators

74HP Diesel EPA T4 Trailer HPU with Spill Containment

127 HP Diesel Skid Frame HPU

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