Maxx - Canada

Dewatering, Well Pointing & Filtration


Our industrial pumping capabilities and experience ensure we will provide safe and cost effective temporary or permanent industrial pumping solutions for mines, refineries and upgraders, pulp and paper mills, and wastewater treatment plants.  Our services include:

  • Site water management
  • Water treatment and recycling options
  • Conventional and new Fast Flow pump designs

Well pointing

Allows for groundwater level lowering to stabilize the ground or to keep an excavation dry. The groundwater is pumped from the soil via small-diameter wellpoints connected to a header pipe and a pump capable of moving large amounts of air and water.

Our experienced Operations team will design a wellpoint system to meet your project’s requirements and we can also treat the water prior to discharge to ensure local environmental standards are met


With today’s environmentally sensitive discharge requirements in mind, we design, build and operate water filtration systems for the following:        

  • Municipal infrastructure projects
  • Mines and Deep excavations
  • Pipeline excavations
  • Lake and stream dewatering

No job is so urgent it can’t
be done safely.

MAXX is committed to preventing any accidental injury to or loss of our most important resources – our employees. Our impeccable safety record can be directly attributed to our dynamic approach to workplace health and safety.