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DiamondWrap® HP™
Pipeline Repair Services

Your Pipeline Repair of Choice

“The Pipeline Operator’s Repair of Choice.”

Pipeline defects, anomalies, wrinkles, corrosion, gouges and arc burns are regular, reoccurring challenges faced by pipeline operators the world over. Historically, shutting in, purging lines, and applying remediation has been a costly process. Hot work, lost production time, heavy equipment and costly repairs have been just some of the challenges faced when scheduling the work.

DiamondWrap® HP™ is an engineered carbon fiber composite wrap system to rehabilitate and restore original operational strength to pipelines and piping systems, enabling maximum allowable operating pressure without shutting down. MAXX North America Services Ltd. is a supplier and certified installer of DiamondWrap® HP™, one of several composite products offered by Tulsa-based, Citadel Technologies.

This technology is a permanent, cost-effective and reliable solution that is patented, CSA compliant, and ASME PCC-2 approved.

Whether your line is corroded, eroded, dented or wrinkled, DiamondWrap® HP™ is the pipeline operator’s repair choice for maintaining the integrity of your buried facilities. Each repair is individually engineered and can be easily installed on girth welds, field bends, seam welds, elbows, tees and other complex geometries. There are no hot works and shutdown is not required during installation. Installation time typically takes no more than a few hours for the average repair, leading to same-day backfill, enabling the entire process to be completed in a single day.

When disruption in production is not an option, DiamondWrap® HP™ is there to assist with your Pipeline Integrity Program. Maintain operations, maintain capacity, and reduce your repair costs by selecting Citadel Technologies’ engineered composite repair systems.

MAXX Applications & Services with DiamondWrap® HP™:

  • Hotline Repairs
  • High Pressure Repairs
  • Girth Weld and Seam Weld Repairs
  • Field Bend, Elbow and Tee Repairs
  • Pipeline Defects, Anomalies and Wrinkles
  • External Corrosion, Gouges and Arc Burns
  • Laminar Manufacturing Defects