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12″ Overpressure Protection Relief System

Your Prime Solution for Pipes

Overpressure Protection Relief System

The 12” inlet is split and goes to two primary pressure control valves and 2 backup pressure safety valves.

To prevent an overpressure event, the upstream pressure transmitter sends a signal to the Bristol RTU which directs the PCVs to open systematically and vent gas through the vent stack to reduce the pipeline pressure.

If the PCVs fail to open, the PSVs will open to reduce the pipeline pressure. At the same time, an alarm is sent to Gas Control to warn them to lower the pressure in the pipeline.

12″ Piping Includes

  • 12″ 1440 PSI inlet piping
  • 2 x 8″ PCV
  • 2 x8″ PSV
  • 8 meter high vent stack

12″ Communications Skid Includes

  • 5220 Thermoelectric Generator
  • Bristol RTU
  • Satellite and cell communication towers
  • SCADA system
  • Storage for fence, piping, cement blocks