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Water Management

Tailored & Cost-Effective Solutions

Tailored & cost effective water management solutions

The evolution of water management requirements within the North American Oil and Gas formations exploration and production industry requires innovative approaches and project specific, customizable setups and operations.

MAXX North America Services Ltd. maintains a fleet of pumps, lay flat hose, deployment and retraction systems, and support equipment in our inventory. MAXX can handle the most challenging and diverse water management projects. Our highly skilled crews are experienced in a wide range of water transfer projects, including long-distance, on-lease, in both winter and summer seasons. Our management and field supervisors will support and assist you throughout the entire project, ensuring your fiscal and operational expectations are met.

When necessary, MAXX will perform a pre-job site visit, prior to the commencement of the project, to ensure that we have the right equipment and manpower for the job. This approach results in an operationally and fiscally efficient water management system, meeting your project’s prescribed deliverables, thus mitigating unforeseen and unaccounted for operational irregularities.

Our experience with water management is not limited to the completions industry. We also provide water management solutions, including de-watering, hydro-testing, water diversion, and flood relief projects, to the pipeline, mining, and natural hazard sectors.

Make MAXX North America Services Ltd. your first call for water management support.

MAXX Water Management Applications & Services:

  • O&G Fluids / Water Management
  • Long Distance Water Transfer
  • On-lease Water Pumping
  • Pipeline De-watering
  • Pipeline Hydrotesting
  • Project Management
  • Well Pointing
  • Flood Relief & Water Diversion
  • Mine De-watering