MAXX North America – Canada
Pipeline Maintenance

Customized Pipeline Integrity Solutions

Customized solutions to assist in the execution of your pipeline integrity program

MAXX North America Services Ltd. has a Pipeline Maintenance Services department specializing in providing you with the right personnel, equipment and on-the-ground expertise to ensure your pipelines and facilities are properly maintained and adequately prepared in order for you to implement your In-Line Inspection (ILI) programs.

Today’s pipeline integrity program landscape requires unique solutions from operators and, in many cases, pipeline specific scenarios in order to ensure an ILI program is successful. Operators are under more stringent regulations and are also forced to contend with resource pool and budget constraints in the process of completing their integrity programs.

MAXX is familiar with the challenges operators face and has been providing many of the major pipeline operators with specialized solutions to their pipeline integrity maintenance programs since we opened for business. We are versed in a wide range of pipeline maintenance activities, including, but not limited to, pipeline utility pigging, ILI program coordination, large scale pipeline cleaning operations management, torqueing and tensioning services and portable separators.

Regardless of the scope or magnitude of your pipeline integrity program, MAXX has the experience to provide tailored support and equipment solutions, ensuring your programs are completed safely, efficiently, and within budget.

Pipeline Maintenance Applications & Services:

  • Pipeline Utility Pigging Services & Equipment
  • Tensioning and Torqueing Services
  • Pipeline Suspensions and Abandonments
  • Pipeline Cleaning Programs (Mechanical & Chemical)
  • In-line Inspection Coordination and Support
  • Plant Bleed-offs, Temporary Flaring & Purging
  • Temporary Installation of Pig Launcher/Receivers
  • Pipeline Bleed-offs and In-line Separation
  • Inspection Services, Project Management, and Field Support
  • Hydro Testing
  • Fleet of 250psi 3m3 & 1440psi 6m3 Separators