Maxx – Canada

Coating and Sandblasting

Industrial blasting and coating services

In conjunction with Maxx’s Pipeline Maintenance and Integrity Dig Services department, we are pleased to offer an expanded range of blasting and coating services to pipeline and facility operators for their integrity and maintenance needs.

Cost-Effective Blasting & Coating

Responsible risk management and increased activity in the construction and maintenance sectors has created a competitive environment rife with budgetary challenges. Our industry knowledge and experience enables us to offer cost-effective, reliable, and environmentally-responsible coating solutions.

Our Coating Services leadership team has over 30 years in the industry. Maxx’s field teams of experienced and certified applicators, along with our diverse fleet of equipment, are here to meet your needs and requirements, while exceeding your expectations.

MAXX Canada Sandblasting and Coating Services:

Maxx has the resources to provide the necessary guidance and support to safely complete your Blasting and Coating project within budget.

  • External Coating
  • Above & Below Grade Pipe Coating
  • Field Girth Welds