Maxx - Canada

Industrial & Municipal Water Services


Maxx specializes in treating water from deep water wells and then transferring it to your selected destination.  Our team will design the water management system that will meet all your needs. Hydrostatic testing is a vital procedure in both pipeline and tank construction and maintenance. Maxx has the staff, equipment and experience to provide the right water management solution for your hydrostatic testing program whether it is in summer or winter.


Bypass pumping is a very common practice in the pumping industry and we are experts in this field. With decades of experience in designing, building and operating bypass pumping systems Maxx is your go-to solution provider.  Most municipalities and industrial companies will encounter the need to install a bypass at some point and we will make it happen safely and cost effectively.

No job is so urgent it can’t
be done safely.

MAXX is committed to preventing any accidental injury to or loss of our most important resources – our employees. Our impeccable safety record can be directly attributed to our dynamic approach to workplace health and safety.