Maxx – Canada

Pig Tracking

Premium Pig Tracking & Locating Services

MAXX Canada offers pig tracking and locating services as an auxiliary to our Pipeline Maintenance service offerings.

The complexity of pipeline operations means flexibility in scheduling pigging services is vital in securing success in your pigging programs. You’ll find we’re responsive as possible, since our goal is to consistently provide you with superior service, qualified personnel, on-time delivery, and the best equipment at a competitive price.

Pipeline Pig Tracking

Preparing launch/receive facilities and loading and removing pigs are crucial parts of our service offering. But we’re happy to be more than just boots on the ground, if you need extra help. We have the manpower, supervisory experience, and the equipment to track all of your tool runs. 

We will participate in the job preparation process, implement procedures, and follow up with a discussion of what can improve going forward. We then ensure these changes are incorporated, assuring continued improvement and positive project outcomes.

You’ll see that, with MAXX, knowing where your pigs are is just the beginning. Communication is key to developing and maintaining long-term relationships. We emphasize maintaining open dialogue, reporting in a timely manner, and verifying mandated processes are followed.

MAXX Canada Pig Tracking Services

  • Complete Pig Tracking Services
  • AGM Surveying
  • Pipeline Locating Services
  • Pig tracking portal
  • Timer Box Deployment
  • Auditable Tracking Records
  • Run Reporting